About me and EyeSpirations

When I was a tutor in vocational education for several years ago, I had an oddity to ask my students what they needed from me to help them succesfully graduate.

Most of the time they couldn’t answer my question right away, but as soon as we discussed the learning materials (at that time mostly books) they found their answer to my question.

They asked me to visualize the content of the text loaded books and to inspire them with real life stories. Only then I could meet their expectations.

At that time EyeSpirations was ‘born’, an acronym of Eyecatching, Inspiring and Expectations! Three words that come together in all my e-learning projects and became my personal philosophy on how an e-learning course should be.

If you want to read!?….Buy a book!

e-learning is about interacting with the content,
not about reading…