Freebies Pay It Forward And Back

An old saying goes: “To keep what you have, give it away.” There’s a great chemistry that’s always brewing in the E-Learning Heroes community because of the nurturing care its members put into it. You’ll find rich discussion threads, design and best practice questions, work critiques, freelancing how-tos, general encouragement, and much more. People engaging, helping, and working with each other.

I started the #53Freebies project simply to give back to the community that’s given me so much over the years. I planned to share a template each week so that, by year’s end, the community would have 53 templates of my work to use for inspiration, a starting point, or simply to show an intriguing technique.

To my delight and surprise, the project started a community movement. #53Freebies instantly became a way for people to connect and share their own work and ideas about e-learning. Everyday, people are sharing even more freebies with this tag! I sincerely hope all these freebies are helpful to you, and that you’re inspired to share some of your work too.