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e-learning challenge #267 – Magnify Important Details

The challenge

In this week e-learning challenge we were asked to create an interactive screenshot for an application’s UI or specific features.

The most important specs were that the learner could click, drag or hover the image to know some specific information about a particular part of the image and that the learner was able to return to the initial state.

My submission

For my entry, I was inspired by an video interaction that I designed for a real life project for one of my clients.

Although I did not use a UI screenshot or screenshot of a specific feature… the result meets the requested requirements.

Furthermore, I personally think that the use of video snippets is visually more attractive than a ‘simple’ click and reveal interaction.

Used software

The software I’ve used for my submission were;

  • Shutterstock (image)
  • Affinity Designer (scale the image to the right proportions)
  • Final cut Pro (production of the video snippets)
  • Articulate 360 (Storyline)