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e-learning challenge #273 – Using Scrolling Panels in E-Learning

The challenge

In this week e-learning challenge we were asked to share one or more ideas for using scrolling panels in e-learning courses.

My submission

Although I use tab interactions more often than a scrolling panel interactions, there are plenty of situations imaginable for which scrolling panels have my preference.

A recognizable situation for an effective use of scrolling panels is when you are using feedback on questions in an e-learning course. In general, a question can’t be answered with a simple true or false. Most of the time you want to explain the learner why the answer was correct or incorrect. In that case a scrolling panel would be very handy, because you give the learner the choice to read more or less of the feedback.

In my submission for this challenge I ask the learner an open question and show them two of the five items on a feedback layer. These two items are good enough, but if the learner wants to know more he or she can use the scrolling panel to know more.

Used software

The software I’ve used for my submission were;

  • Articulate 360 (Storyline)
  • Affinity Designer (illustrations)