e-Learning Challenges

    One of the best ways to learn all the ins and outs about Articulate Storyline is a visit to Articulates E-Learning Heroes Community and participate in David Anderson’s Weekly E-learning Challenges. In this section of our portfolio we want to share our own entries to the Articulates e-Learning Challenges.

    Feel free to use the download(s) on this page to have a look behind the scenes or to use the interaction(s) for your own purposes. If you have any questions about one of our entries feel free to contact us. We love to help you out!


    This week the e-learning challenge is to design a learning interaction for a science topic. You can design a makeover for the Bullitt County science quiz or come up with something that interests you. Just keep the focus on science and you can do whatever you want.

    In the introduction to this challenge David Anderson shared one of his earlier e-learning courses (Wheel of Gases) , which he developed for an automotive e-learning company.

    After seeing this example it seemed fun to me to reproduce Davids project with Articulate Storyline.

    Our entry

    With Apple’s Motion 5, I started to design the graphics. It soon turned out that reproduce the graphics would take more time than I had previously envisioned .Fortunately, Michael Hinze (a fellow Articulate Super Heroe) approached me, right after I shared a preview of the first graphic on Twitter.

    It seemed that he had the same idea of reproducing the Wheel of Gases, so we decided to combine our skills. With Michaels help on building all the sliders we got the work done before the end of the week.

    The finished template consists of just one single slide with one sublayer for the quiz.Besides this all the animations and interactions is a combination of several sliders and variables that work perfectly together in Articulate Storyline.

    For more information about this entry or see this submission in action, feel free to use the demo or download (Storyline 2) buttons at the right.