e-Learning Templates

    One of the best e-Learning elements to share are e-Learning templates. Especially for newbies in the world of e-Learning development. In this section of our portfolio we share our thoughts and insights about e-Learning templates.

    Feel free to use the download(s) on this page to have a look behind the scenes or to kickstart your next e-Learning course. If you have any questions about one of our free e-Learning templates feel free to contact us. We love to help you out!


    For this challenge I have reproduced the interface of a mobile application.Although the challenge in itself was quite a challenge , I experienced a number of additional challenges during the process of developing.

    These challenges were mainly in terms of dimensions for the use of the template on a mobile phone, the size of the buttons and the font size.

    The result is a mobile application for the iPhone 5 or 5S with three different ‘tabs’ interactions.

    For more information about this entry or see this submission in action, feel free to use the demo or download button below. (NOTE: SL1 still in process)



    The structure of this template is fully prepared on the Masterslide. Next to this contains the Masterslide two colors for the course (green like you can see in the demo and a red one) Because of this it’s easy to switch to another color.

    Note: I also included the background image for a blue or yellow version.


    The template is based on a structure that I often use for my clients eLearning Courses. This is as followed:

    Course information
    Course map
    Chapter title
    Chapter introduction
    Content slides (
    Extra features

    Email feature
    Take notes feature
    For more information about this template or see it in action, feel free to use the demo or download (Storyline 2) buttons on the right.