e-Learning Challenges

    One of the best ways to learn all the ins and outs about Articulate Storyline is a visit to Articulates E-Learning Heroes Community and participate in David Anderson’s Weekly E-learning Challenges. In this section of our portfolio we want to share our own entries to the Articulates e-Learning Challenges.

    Feel free to use the download(s) on this page to have a look behind the scenes or to use the interaction(s) for your own purposes. If you have any questions about one of our entries feel free to contact us. We love to help you out!

    e-learning Challenge 13

    This is our first challenge where everyone is working from the same source project. The tool you use to recreate this project will impact your design considerations. For example, the dynamic menu effect is not possible with most tools. You’ll want to capture the essence of the effect, whichever tool you choose.

    This week, your challenge is to rebuild Big History Project’s interactive timeline.

    Our entry

    This submission is based on previously used animations for earlier challenges. Although the result suggests that many different slides are used, the template contains only a single slide with a number of slide layers.

    In addition, the template provides a clear picture of how an interaction can be rigged up by making use of Master Slides.

    For more information about this entry or see this submission in action, feel free to use the demo or download (Storyline 1 and Storyline 2) buttons below.