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Brasa - Decision aid Description For this project I was asked by Daniela Raphael to develop an online decision tool for breast cancer patients. An online tool that also offers the possibility to download the data entered by the patient. The developed desicion aid was used as an input [...]

Nutreco PM


Nutreco - Performance management Description This e-learning module has been rolled out to familiarize employees / managers with Nutreco's Performance Cycle. This Cycle visualises an annually recurring process that is used, among other things, for the assessment of employees. Used software Articulate storylineAffinity Designer [...]

Unicef Animation


Unicef - Covid 19 Description In recent times, we all had to deal with far-reaching regulations regarding the corona virus. To make this information about the regulations available to (in particular) young refugees, we developed an animation for Unicef ​​that was played in various refugee camps. [...]



Colman-air - What we do Description This explanatory animation was developed for Coleman-air Thailand.The animation describes in outline the activities of the organization. Used software Apple Motion 5 Apple Final Cut Pro Cartoon Animator 4 TOGETHER WE CREATE STUNNING [...]

Nutreco – CoC


Nutreco - Code of Conduct Description This e-learning module has been rolled out to familiarize employees with Nutrecos Code of Conduct. The e-learning informs the employee about a number of rules that protect the company and the expectations of the company. Used software Articulate storyline [...]

Basic Fit


Basic Fit - The Human Body Description These e-learning modules have been rolled out to familiarize current and new employees with all kinds of things related to a healthy lifestyle. The complete e-learning consists of three different modules (The human body - Sports and exercise - Healthy food). [...]

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